Tropical and Indoor Plants Nursery

The Garden maintains a diverse and interesting collection of tropical and indoor plants for sale. The selection below is just a sampling of the unusual plants that may be available at any given time on the Plant Deck and in the Garden Shop daily from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

A more extensive selection of our plants may be found at the UC Botanical Garden annual Spring and Fall Plant Sales. Please visit the Garden website for dates and details.


*This list is current to the best of our abilities. Items listed are subject to prior sale, and not all plants are available at all times.

Garden Members Receive 10% Off Plant Purchases Except at the Annual Spring and Fall Plant Sales!

Acalypha cv. Ceylon
Acalypha cv. Copper Leaf
Aeschynanthus sp. (various)
Amorphophallus titanum
Begonia angulari
Burbidgea schizocheila
Cautlea lutea
Chlorophytum orchidantheroides cv. Fire Flash
Clerodendrum ugandense
Dianthera nodosa
Hoya australis
Hoya finlaysonii
Hoya kerrii
Hoya pubicalyx cv. Silver Pink
Justicia rizzinii
Kaempferia elegans
Kalanchoe uniflora
Macleania insignis
Medinilla cumingii
Medinilla myriantha
Philodendron cv. Moonlight
Porphyrocoma pohliana
Schefflera articola cv. Cutleaf
Serissa foetida
Synadenium grantii
tillandsias (large collection)
Whitfieldia longiflora

We Offer One of the Largest Collections of Tillandsias in the Bay Area at the
Annual UC Botanical Garden Spring and Fall Plant Sales!

Hoya finlaysonii - Please Visit the Garden Shop for Hard to Find Tropicals When They are in Bloom!

Hoya kerrii

Aeschynanthus sp.